How independent retailers can drive more leads and sales with Google Shopping Ads—right away!

What would more than 5,000 new visits to your website and more than 1,000 calls to your store(s) mean to your business? What if you could drive more sales and generate more leads for just $850?

That’s exactly what one independent retailer of home furnishings did in the pandemic summer, of 2020, and it helped them to not just survive but thrive during one of the most challenging business environments in a generation.

There are strong indications the digital habits consumers adopted during lockdowns or restrictions may be here to stay: 51% of consumers surveyed in one study said that they would retain some of their new [digital] purchasing behaviors, post-pandemic. So what should you do to ensure your store(s) and products are in front of your increasingly-digital prospects and customers? Google Shopping ads.

What Google Shopping ads are, and why they’re important 

Google Shopping (formerly Product Listing Ads) brings together three things that your prospects find irresistible:

  • Product images
  • Product pricing
  • Relevant alternatives

And then Google puts these results into the priciest real estate on the search page—right at the top, above the text ads and above the organic results!

But getting your products on Google Shopping isn’t easy:

  • It’s not part of Google Ads where your text and display campaigns appear.
  • You need to open a separate account in the Google Merchant Center.
  • You have to master yet another marketing process with separate spending, metrics and analytics.

All the benefits of Google Shopping ads, with none of the hassle

As an independent retailer, you hopefully already know how effective digital marketing can be for your business.

But learning the platforms, tracking the results and optimizing your spending can take a lot of time… time you don’t have. That’s why we created AdRocket™ Boost just for independent retailers.

AdRocket Boost makes it easy to tap into the power of digital advertising quickly and easily—including Google Shopping ads!

Just follow this three-step process to get started:  

  1. Every AdRocket Boost customer is assigned a dedicated digital advertising advisor that takes the time to understands your business, your goals, your budgets, and the brands you support. They’ll use that information to create a customized strategy just for you.
  2. Your custom plan is fed into the AdRocket engine which uses the latest artificial intelligence to create, place, monitor and adjust your advertising mix to deliver the best possible results—automatically!
  3. Results are delivered to you, on demand, through clear, intuitive dashboards that let you know exactly how your ad spend is working for you, down to the penny.

AdRocket Boost can help you begin reaping the benefits of digital advertising:

  • in just a few days
  • with no big upfront fees
  • and no long-term contracts.

AdRocket has been proven to deliver more site visits, more phone calls, more in-store traffic and sales and even more online sales than any other form of marketing available to retailers like you. And now, we’ve integrated Google Shopping right into the same integrated, intuitive platform.  

Unbelievable results you can believe in

A select group of AdRocket customers took part in a pilot program during Q2 and Q3 2020 to see how adding Google Shopping ads to their AdRocket activities improved their overall results. They experienced the following:

  • A 71% increase in impressions across all participating retailers
  • A 78% increase in clicks across all participating retailers
  • One retailer increased impressions by 3,028,613 and clicks by 26,375—all on a $1,425.78 investment!
  • Another retailer boosted their impressions by 436,927, their clicks grew by 5,442 and 1,129 phone calls came in from the retailer’s mobile site—an average of 7 per day!— for just $834.95!

“I would 100% recommend [AdRocket and Google Shopping] just for RWS’s overall approach to everything. It’s just effortless. They do all the work for you, and it’s definitely working. I’m definitely going to increase my AdRocket spend this year.”

Devin Hawkins, Hawkins Home & Lawn

How different would your business be if you could drive more sales and literally thousands more site visits and phone calls each month, for less than $1,000 more than you’re already spending on digital marketing, in many cases?

Why wait to find out? Speak with one of our digital advertising specialists to find out how you can begin reaping the benefits of our integrated, AI-infused digital marketing platform—now with Google Shopping included—in just days!

Visit to find out more.

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