WebFronts® Powers the Development of FlashTags Free Extension Makes Electronic Price Tags Lightning Fast

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 6, 2019—Retailer Web Services (RWS) announces the development of FlashTags, a free extension of WebFronts® Level 4. The FlashTags software makes it easier and affordable for independent appliance, electronics, furniture and mattress retailers to power electronic shelf labels (ESLs) on the showroom floor.

This latest digital solution from RWS began beta testing in September with release to RWS retailer-customers scheduled in Q1 2020. The FlashTags app provides a seamless experience for retailers to assign a product to a tag, choose from a variety of templates and send all necessary data to their ESLs.

“An increasingly volatile market makes it difficult to keep in-store prices accurate and up to date,” said Jennie Gilbert, RWS chief operating officer. “FlashTags solves this challenge by automatically updating retailers’ ESLs when prices on their websites—or any other conditions they define—change. There’s no more wasting hours reprinting tags, no more embarrassment when prices fall behind and no more lost profit opportunities.”

For Scott Roth, president of Dun Rite Appliances in Center Moriches, N.Y., the beta implementation of FlashTags on the showroom floor was “simple and easy.” Within three days, working with RWS on how to create the tags, the store had roughly 140 tags on 95 percent of the total products planned for them, according to Roth.

“We do see them flashing and changing, helping with pricing on the floor,” said Roth. “We live in a world of instant rebates (IRs); being proactive with pricing on paper is a hardship, requiring a full-time employee. With FlashTags, we’re confident our prices are current. They’ll be helpful this holiday season especially given aggressive IRs, but all year long with IRs, too—it’s definitely going to be a treasure.”

FlashTags features include:

– Data: FlashTags uses the same product data that powers a retailer’s WebFront. As a result, model numbers, descriptions, dimensions, additional colors, reviews, rebates and more are available to include and update on tags automatically.

– Prices: FlashTags can show the prices displayed on a retailer’s website or retailers can use custom columns and formulas in the WebFronts app to display different prices on tags.

Powered by WebFronts, FlashTags Extension is Lightning Fast – Add One

– Speed: FlashTags will update a retailer’s ESL immediately when any information on the tag changes, e.g., prices, rebates and more. Also, every 30 minutes FlashTags will compare current tags to each model’s up-to-the-minute information. If there are any differences, a new and up-to-date image will be flashed to the tag immediately.

– ‘On Display’: Any model with an ESL set up in FlashTags will automatically be labeled “On Display” on a retailer’s WebFront, providing consumers with information on the models that are in-store and on the showroom floor.

– Smart Search Placement: Retailers carefully curate the models they display in their stores. Any model with an ESL set up in FlashTags can automatically receive preferential search placement on a retailer’s WebFront. This elevates retailers’ most important models to the top of their site’s search results, increasing the likelihood of consumer views.

– ESL Activity Log: The FlashTags app keeps a dynamic log of every update—both manual and automatic updates—throughout the day. Retailers can view at-a-glance how often their tags are updating, or view details, i.e., what image was sent, and when to any specific tag.

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Founded in 2006, Retailer Web Services (RWS) serves more than 2,700 appliance, electronics, furniture and mattress retailers in North America with an integrated and complete suite of digital marketing solutions: world class website design and development, digital advertising, reputation management, in-store technology enablement and analytics. Named twice to CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising E-Commerce Solution Providers in 2017 and 2016, Scottsdale, Ariz.-based RWS is an authoritative source on how consumers shop for new appliances, electronics, furniture and mattresses in the digital age. A trusted advisor, RWS champions the success of independent retailers and helps them to realize their dreams through the promise of technology. For more information, visit www.retailerwebservices.com.

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