Retailer Web Services Lead Gen Platform Proving Useful for Independents

The latest lead generation feature on Retailer Web Services’ WebFronts Level 4 platform is proving to not only help convert online sales for independent retailers, but also driving customers into independent retailers’ stores, according to a statement emailed Dealerscope. The Hot Prospect notification system from RWS allows independent retailers to contact prospective customers directly with relevant information about the product or products they were shopping for online. This, in turn, enables the retailer to start building meaningful relationships with potential clients earlier than ever.

These Hot Prospect notifications and emails are generated automatically and powered by RWS’s Level 4 deanonymization technology. Customers can choose to “introduce themselves” to the retailer while on the company’s WebFront, and the profiling technology behind the platform then tracks the customer’s purchase intent while on the retailer’s website.

The retailer then receives an email message notifying them of the new potential lead and includes a whole host of information about the customer, including their name, their site activity score, a list of the products they browsed, and their email address. The next step then for the retailer is to utilize that information to follow up with the customer and make meaningful contact with them, whether that’s to offer assistance in their path to purchase, to provide technical support if needed, or just to offer a friendly introduction.

According to data from cited by RWS, if retailers follow up with web leads within five minutes, they are nine times more likely to convert the client. And, to that end, RWS said they provide their retailer partners a best practice introductory email template that can be customized.

“Most independent retailers are great at building relationships with people who come into their store,” Retailer Wed Services Chief Operating Officer Jennie Gilbert said in a statement. “But in today’s digital age, customers interact with businesses on their smart phones and the internet long before they call or come in. How well retailers connect and build relationships during these digital interactions determines if they will ever get the chance to win their business in person.”

RWS said it has sent more than 150,000 Hot Prospect email notifications to retailers who are using the Level 4 WebFronts platform since it went live last Fall.

“Responding to these Hot Prospect notifications is a powerful and easy way to get a leg up on the competition and showcase the superior customer service independent retailers are known for,” Gilbert said.

You can read this article from Dealerscope by clicking here.

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