You’ve Got a Hot Prospect!

Connecting your in-store salespeople with your best digital prospects

What will I buy and whom will I buy it from?

Today’s consumer of durable goods is constantly bouncing between two worlds to answer that question: the digital world of websites, social media and consumer reviews and the real world of stores and showrooms.

It’s always been easy to see what your in-store prospects are interested in as they wander your floor, but your online shoppers have always been a mystery.

What if … your salespeople had the ability to see what your prospects are looking at on your website the same way they can observe their in-store behavior? What if that information was simply sent to your associates directly, without any need for logging in or pulling reports?

That’s the power behind the new Hot Prospect feature that’s been added to RWS’ Level 4 WebFronts®.

How Hot Prospect Works

When the Hot Prospect feature is activated, your sales associates will receive emails that include the following information:

  • Name of the website visitor
  • Visitor’s site activity score, based on an RWS algorithm that indicates the likelihood of making an imminent purchase
  • List of the exact products browsed, and
  • Prospect’s email address for follow up.

Hot Prospect emails make it fast and easy for your salespeople to reach out directly to your website prospects the way they do with your in-store visitors, providing the individualized expertise and support that helps you beat the online competition.

And because your salespeople know the products your prospects are looking for, they’re prepared to deliver valuable information about upcoming sales, model changes, potential alternative products and more—the kind of information that can make a prospect a customer.

Ready-to-use Templates

Sending follow-up emails isn’t always easy or natural for salespeople used to talking face-to-face or over the phone. So RWS has developed email templates that make the follow-up process easy, fast and comfortable for your sales teams.

After receiving multiple Hot Prospect emails, Katrina Lynch-Allen, fourth-generation owner of Lynch’s Furniture & Appliance, Inc., in St. Robert, Mo., has found success in connecting with prospective customers by customizing the RWS email template.

“The RWS template is so helpful and makes it super easy on my part to email a prospective customer,” said Lynch-Allen. “Now I feel like I’m fully utilizing all these great leads I’m receiving.”

“Traditional retailers have one massive advantage over e-commerce-only websites: human interaction and customer service,” said Jennie Gilbert, Chief Operating Officer for RWS. “Hot Prospects emails allow our retailers to introduce their most valuable resource—their salespeople—immediately after the prospect has left their website and is potentially headed to a competitor’s site or store to conduct more research.”

To learn more, click here or contact your RWS WebFronts representative for more details at (800) 417–2799.

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