Living Our Values:

Retailer Web Services operates through 4 Core Values. They don’t just hang on the wall in our break room, they are used to make almost every decision at RWS, including which development projects will rise to the top of our priorities. You can read more about them any time on this page.

Our software development team here at RWS follows the proven and popular project management method called Scrum. We work in two week sprints to make progress on new features and improvements, releasing new code to our software an average of 3 times every week! Scrum allows us to continually live one of our core values – Continuous Sustainable Improvement – and makes sure WebFronts® and RetailDeck® are constantly evolving and improving.

Check out one of many new features!

Dozens of improvements and additions are released every two weeks but we’d like to highlight a recent one making WebFronts even more convenient and helpful to your prospects: Compare Across Multiple Pages.

WebFronts has, for quite some time, allowed consumers to select multiple products and compare them side by side. Now we’ve improved this feature to work even when selecting products from totally different pages of the site.

Check this new improvement out in real time with this quick 20 second video demonstration: