Not enough time to keep your website up-to-date? Think Again!

Have You Ever Thought… “I don”t have enough time to keep my website updated with all the changes vendors make!”

We have you covered!

For example…let”s talk LOGO CHANGES!

Here at RWS, we make consumer facing WebFronts™ for over 1,000 independent retailers. One of the great things retailers enjoy about working with us is that we’re able to make global changes that keep their website up to date without any effort required on their part. It”s great for everyone – even your vendors.

As manufacturers re-brand and update the look and style of their product line logos, they can convey that change to just one party (RWS) and we make that change happen across our entire network of mutual customers’ websites automatically. No need for them to contact hundreds of retailers and ask them to update their digital marketing and no need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to find and replace every instance of their old logo with their new one on your website. We’ll take care of that for everyone we serve automatically.

Because everything we do is tailor made for retailers like yourself, we”re set up to make these changes quickly, globally and most importantly, without you needing to do any work. The sites we build automatically inherit brand logos from “mother files”; if we replace an outdated brand logo with a new one, your site will automatically swap out the old image with the new one immediately and without any effort required on your end.

You might not realize just how many places brand logos show up on product rich websites! Here are examples of the places brand logos appear:

Product Search Results
All Brands Landing Page

Are you a vendor that needs to make an update to your brand’s logo?

If you are a vendor and want to make sure your logo is up to date on our network, or you know of upcoming changes to your branding – contact us! We”ll work with you to make the update as uniform and easy as possible across our entire network of mutual customers.

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