A Cart When You Want It…A Quote Request When You Don’t!

Have You Ever Wondered…If Your Store Could Sell Online?

A lot of our customers have admitted to wondering about this in the past, but they often fear it is far too complicated, or expensive, to try.

Sure, a lot of other stores do it…but figuring out where to begin can sound frustrating and intimidating. Rest assured, RWS is here to help every step of the way!

WebFronts: The Most Transactional Websites In The Industry!

With WebFronts, all you need to do to stick your toe in the water and try out eCommerce is assign an item a sale price. Maybe just one to start. Maybe just the few in your clearance center. Maybe just one brand.

Setting a price takes just a few seconds with the awesome WebFronts app and once you do, your site auto-magically changes the call to action on that product’s page (and that product’s page only) to “Add To Cart”. Clicking that button directs the customer through the full featured and secure Cart process on your WebFront.

The customer is never charged automatically (per PCI compliance rules); it’s up to you whether or not you want to fulfill any orders that come in, how and when. You can also control all your delivery options and prices (including that delivery may not be available certain places, like say, farther than 50 miles from your store’s location). And what about tax calculation? It is all taken care of for you – just tell us which states you need to collect sales tax for and WebFronts does the rest.

Sometimes You Feel Like a Cart…Sometimes You Don’t

If you’re not ready for a shopping cart, or you don’t want to (or cannot) have the cart available for every product on your site – you don’t have to.

Any item that has text set as the sale price, like “call for our best price”, auto-magically changes the call to action on that product’s page to “Request a Quote”. Clicking that button directs the customer through the Quote Request process, which never asks for payment information (but does ask for full contact information) and will even allow you to set a restriction on the submissions by geographic location.

Use Both – Or Just One – For No Extra Charge

You can use just the cart, just the quote request system, or a combination of both on a per-item basis. You never have to pay extra to use the full featured shopping cart. And you don’t even have to make any requests to turn it on! Your WebFront automatically adjusts the call to action and the Cart/Quote Request process on a per item basis without any intervention required by you or by RWS staff. The WebFronts app looks to the Sale Price of the item and makes sure to offer the end consumer the option that makes the most logical sense (the Cart if the item has a Sale Price, the Quote Request if it doesn’t).

This awesome dual cart/quote request system makes WebFronts:

  • Easy for you to administer
  • Comfortable for the end user to
  • And continually moves consumers onward through their purchase journey

Not sure how to get started? Remember all WebFronts users have a dedicated Account Manager to assist in experimenting with all the features the WebFronts App has to offer. Our staff is ready to provide ongoing technical support, training on our tools, graphic design and advice based on best practices.

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