We Know Ashley Furniture®

RWS and the Great Ashley Furniture Integration, Part 1

If You had A Magic Wand…

Wouldn’t it be great if your website could automatically include every Ashley Furniture® product you’re authorized to sell, without you having to lift a finger?

And when any products dropped off or were added to that list, your website updated itself without any intervention?

And what about pricing your Ashley Furniture products? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could price them all with just one click, say…a certain percentage above your particular cost including freight? Oh yeah, and when that changes, your website would automatically adjust the price online without you having to remember to change it yourself?

Move Over Magic Wand – WebFronts™ has You Covered!

Ashley Furniture generously provides an EDI feed of product information and pricing specific to each of their retailers and RWS has created a seamless integration of this information into each retailer’s WebFront.

This integration means:

  • Automatic Product Population: The Ashley Furniture products you are authorized to sell (and only those products you are authorized to sell) will populate themselves on your site – no work required on your part to add or remove them.
  • Automated Pricing by Formulas: If you choose to price your Ashley Furniture products on your site, you can auto-populate those prices for the entire brand, certain categories, or individual pieces in just seconds. Your Ashley EDI includes your price to buy each item (including freight); use the awesome WebFronts app to set prices with a formula, like a certain percentage above your cost. They’ll automatically adjust every 24 hours to any changes from Ashley.
  • Your Ashley Products Will Update Themselves Every 24 Hours: Ashley sends us any updates to your EDI feed every 24 hours, like new products added or removed and changes in pricing. Those changes will be reflected (per your individual settings) on your WebFront automatically without you having to lift a finger!

And the Best Part – There’s No Extra Charge to Use This Integration:

The Ashley EDI integration is available to all Elite level WebFronts users at no additional charge. It makes your site easier to set up, easier to manage itself and more effective at earning you more business.

But wait…there’s more!

Not only does RWS have you covered when it comes to Ashley Furniture EDI integration, we work closely with Ashley Furniture on many other details that help improve the presence of their brand for your store.

Ashley Furniture has shared 15,000 high resolution Ashley Furniture product images that we’ve used to enrich the presence of those products on your site. And we’ve done all the hard manual labor to ensure that no Ashley Home Store exclusive product ever accidentally shows up on your site (even if your marketing manager mistakenly adds it to your EDI Feed).

And the good news keeps on rolling. Stay tuned for an exciting new addition to our Ashley Furniture integration suite,,,coming soon!

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