Greeting an In-Store Customer – vs – Replying to an Online Request: Are they the same?

How long would you let someone shop in your store without saying “Hello”?

Or greeting them in some way…15 minutes, 45 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours? If they wonder aimlessly, unacknowledged and feel unwelcome in your store, how many dollars do you think that customer will be spending in your establishment?

How long would you let a quote request or an order from your WebFront™ sit unanswered in your backroom?

8 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, a week? If they are eagerly awaiting a response, with dozens of other options at their fingertips, how likely are you to close that sale if you make them wait?

One thing we often hear is that web shoppers tie their online experience directly to what they believe their experience would be in your brick and mortar store. So with that in mind, maintaining the backroom of your WebFront should be handled as if it were on-the-floor interactions with prospective customers.

Now we don’t want to scare you! This isn’t a ton of additional work; we have even put together a sample schedule below you may want to implement to keep the communication flowing between you and your online prospects.

Keep the communication flowing


  • Respond to quote requests
  • Complete online sales
  • Add notes to open orders/quotes to track your progress


  • Reconcile Backroom – move completed or dead orders to “Complete…”
  • Follow up with unresponsive prospects
  • Notate orders/quotes after follow up; tracking toward closing the sale


  • Send monthly newsletter
  • Email monthly specials/coupons
  • Monthly conversion audit


  • Quarterly specials
  • “Thank You” email to customers that have made purchases
  • Quarterly conversion audit

You don’t have to do this alone.

You can assign quote requests and sales to your individual sales people and have them engaged in the follow up activities.

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