The importance of mobile website optimization

Amazon, Google, and Apple Know What Your Customers Want…

Your customers want to use technology in general, and smart phones in particular, as an integral part of their shopping experience. They do this at home, at work and yes, even in retail stores.

That’s why these business giants are spending immeasurable dollars and using the most talented tech minds in the word to build the next great new shopping technologies. Enter Amazon’s Fire Phone, Google Glasses, and Apple’s iBeacon.

Do You?

We know the economic, business and technology leaders of our country are fully immersed in the radical changes mobile technology have already put in motion.
But is your business…

  1. Paying attention to how your customer’s use of smart phones, outside and inside your store, is affecting your business?
  2. Discussing how changes in technology use should influence your advertising strategy?
  3. Dedicating a line on your budget to adapting to these changes?

If your answers to the questions above are “no” you are not alone! So many independent retailers like you are too busy and wearing too many hats to give these questions the attention they deserve.

Luckily, you don’t have to surmount these obstacles all by yourself; use a trusted partner that has the expertise and technology to make your store’s mobile presence effective, easy and enviable

We Have You Covered with Mobile Fire 2.0!

More than 2,000 independent retailers across North American trust Retailer Web Service’s technology to give their store a professional, effective and easy-to-manage presence on the web.

And because we know how incredibly important your interaction is with your customer via their smart phone, every one of our websites include a powerful and cutting edge alternate mobile version, Mobile Fire 2.0.

✔  Mobile Fire comes absolutely free with your full WebFront™

✔  Mobile Fire automatically includes all your products on it

✔  And Mobile Fire automatically keeps itself up to date

Don’t Miss Out…
Your Customers Are Looking For You!

Retailer Web Services can create a WebFront™ for your store that’s every bit as good (and better!) than your national competitors in less than 30 days.

We make it quick and easy to control your site and automatically add thousands of products with just a few clicks.

And Mobile Fire 2.0, the cutting edge, automated and 100% product complete mobile version is included at no extra cost!

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